OJO Corporate Social Responsibility

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Having as its motto and philosophy “treat others how you want to be treated”, OJO sung&glasses since the beginning of its establishment in 2011, gives great emphasis and importance on supporting various charitable and other actions aimed at supporting our society. These actions take place in Cyprus, Greece, but also in other countries where OJO stores operate. Our aim is to create a happier world, with optimism and hope.

As a company, we focus on three main areas…supporting local communities, improving the environment and animal rights as well as improving public health.

Some of our most notable efforts are below:

  • Long-term supporter of PASYKAF (Pancypriot Association of Cancer Patients and Friends) – OJO has been selling PASYKAF charity bracelets, in order to support the association.
  • Supporting charity events of the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association.
  • Supporting charity events of the Radiomarathon Center Foundation. OJO has been one of the major sponsors of the charity Fashion Show that took place at MY MALL LIMASSOL in 2020 and 2021.
  • Promoting Volunteerism through our employees in various OJO Corporate Social Responsibility actions.
  • Promoting of Volunteerism by supporting of volunteer hiker Alexis Sofokleous in the action of “Step by Step in Cyprus” for the Karaiskakio Foundation, in the action of “Step by Step in the Cyclades” to strengthen charitable links in Greece as well as his effort in Norway to strengthen children with cancer.
  • Support for the adoption of environmentally responsible behaviors within society both in Cyprus and in Greece. As OJO, we have provided free of charge more than 200 double bins in various places in Cyprus and Greece, in various municipalities and communities.
  • Creation and distribution of free ecological cases for sunglasses and optics, and ecological bags as well.
  • Support of the Aglantzia Municipality dog park in Nicosia (Cyprus).
  • OJO tree planting in various parts of Cyprus and Greece.
  • Implementation of good practices within our company, both in stores and in our headquarters in order to reduce our environmental footprint, such as recycling.
  • Support of the non-governmental organization Stressball, in the contest “TAKE A PHOTO – WIN – HELP”, with the ultimate goal of supporting the foundation “A Dream a Wish” (Ένα Όνειρο, μια Ευχή) for children with cancer and other related diseases.
  • Placement of bins (for garbage and also dog waste) all over Cyprus and Greece. This free service started in 2017 and is still valid today.
  • Financial and other help to our fellow human beings who are in real need
  • Free eye examination services and free optical frames and lenses to the students in need.

Our promise is to stay next to those in need, improving their quality of life and of our society in general.