Franchise Opportunity


OJO Sun & glasses is a unique, profitable franchise system that deals with sunglasses and optical. With its own outstanding successful and competitive brand, OJO is committed to quality, latest fashion trends, high-quality retail outlets and well-trained employees.


We have become the most successful chain of sunglasses in our country (Cyprus) in just 5 years, with existing locations in Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon ,Africa, Malta and Saudi Arabia. 

Most of our franchises have invested in more than one store, because they have identified our brand as highly profitable and competitive, while being committed to superior quality and high fashion,  with professional and friendly service in our "State of the Art" retail outlets.


Our History Diagram 

Our Story

Why OJO Franchise?

To create an "OJO Sun & glasses" store, the investment is around 120,000 euros. This cost includes the operating license, counseling displays, POS Cloud System, logistics set up, stock, training, optical test room  and machineries. 

The average return period of the initial investment is less than 30 months. Most franchises have depreciated their investment in less than 2 years.

In last years, the demand for sunglasses has increased, as, in addition to practical use, it also occurs as a source of self-expression. Combined with increased awareness of UV protection, and the fact that most people have their own collection of 2 to 5 pairs, the industry of sunglasses is today very demanding by the consumer.

It’s a product that doesn’t know seasons, since the need for sunglasses, especially in areas with high sunshine, creates an all-year demand. The demand of optical lenses and glasses is even more promising as today 75% of adults need some form of vision protection. In addition, 11% of the adults using glasses are also using contact lenses. 

The success of "OJO Sun&glasses" is due to its ability to offer a combination of attractive prices, quality and style, making it accessible to everyone.

The gross profit margins achieved are among the highest in the retail sector, and in the case of well-organized and disciplined licensees, the result is the return of high percentage net profits.


The "OJO Sun & glasses" specializes in the market segment that allows consumers to buy fashionable sunglasses at always lower prices than the largest buy-in brands (Buy One & Get One Free).

OJO will always be considered as the sunglasses and optics chain, offering "fashion at the best quality and at the best price" in every market in which it operates.


The management of company  “OJO Sun&glasses” is much easier than most franchised businesses in retail. The traditional retail companies, are identified by a complicated and time-consuming process, expensive storage conditions, and a large team of staff to make it manageable.

In our company, inventories and daily business revenue are easily controlled and managed, using the "Cloud Technology". The ordering process is almost 100% automated and the supply of new products as well as all other pre-requisites such as accessories and branded packages are shipped from the Central European warehouse in Cyprus.


Cause of the few municipal laws and requirements for business licenses, the opening of an OJO optician and sunglasses retail is fast and easy.