Introducing OJO ECO sunglasses
An OJO "green" innovation!

Made from materials of natural origin, without harmful substances, and environmentally friendly!​

62% Bio Based

Free of Harmful plasticizers


Hardness Enhanced CA (HECA) Frames

Made of organic materials, of natural origin

Handcrafted from a new innovative material, BioAcetate S70. It is a plastic of natural origin consisting of 62% biological materials. BIO-based plastics (BioAcetate S70) collect CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Biodegradable up to 90% but also recyclable

This specific sustainable plastic can be broken down biologically up to 90% of its matter, making it an alternative high-quality ecological solution for the protection of our planet. At the same time, it is fully recyclable without altering its quality and durability.

Free from harmful plasticizers and more durable

BioAcetate S70 does not contain harmful organic or toxic plasticizers or other potentially harmful substances for the environment or for ourselves.

BioAcetate S70, is that it has enhanced hardness CA (HECA) and it is less brittle than conventional acetate plastic. Because of this, allows us to manufacture thinner eyeglass frame designs that are extremely durable.

After 13 OJO years of operation, and having in our culture the best "friendly" service to our consumers and at the same time respecting the environment, we have designed and manufactured ecological products such as storage cases for sunglasses and optical frames, bags, paper boxes for transporting products, cleaning cloths, and its big achievement, sunglasses and optics.
Always drawing strength from your love for our OJO products, we promise you even greater investments for a better tomorrow in a "clean" environment.

We thank you!