Sunglasses for children: What do you need to know before buying sunglasses for your child?

Did you know that 80% of our UV exposure happens when we are children, playing outside? The problem naturally accumulates throughout our life and that is why it is important to start early to protect our eyes. Children, in fact, have a smaller amount of pigment in the iris of the eye, as a result of which the sun's radiation is even more dangerous for them.

At what age should a child wear sunglasses?

Until the sixth month, it is considered forbidden to expose the infant to the sun. From then on, the walks outside the house and the outdoor activities that the baby can enjoy, increase. According to the experts, this is also the right age for the child to put on his first sunglasses.

What to look out for when buying your child's sunglasses

Certainly there are various impressive designs on the market, but the main criterion should be quality. More specifically:

Lenses should filter and absorb 100% of UV radiation

The first thing to notice about sunglasses is the lens. The lenses of the child's sunglasses should be organic so as not to break and absorb 100% of the entire spectrum of ultraviolet solar radiation (UV). The lenses of this type of lens usually have a relevant indication, such as a sticker or label.

Get the child’s sunglasses only from optical stores

You'll definitely see different cute designs around, but the quality won't be the same. In addition, in an optical store, specialized employees will help you make the right choice according to the child's age and needs.

Choose the frame carefully

As we mentioned above, the quality of the lens may be the most important thing in sunglasses, but you should choose the frame with the same care. Prefer a durable, lightweight frame with elastic arms and without many angles. It is important that the frame fits the child's face correctly, without being too big or pressing on it.

Some secrets to make wearing glasses easier:

  • Let your child choose if possible, That way, he'll wear them more and won't want to part with them.
  • Choose colorful, trendy frames they'll be happy to wear and let kids choose the frame they like
  • Avoid sunglasses being too tight and touching your child’s eyelashes or eyes because they will bother your child and he will not want to wear them

Kids under 3 years old

In children below 3 years old the glasses often slide down because the base of the nose is wide due to the incomplete development of the nasal bone and thus does not provide sufficient support to the glasses frame. In this case, OJO provides a variety of children’s sunglasses that have a special silicone saddle on the bridge of the nose, in order to keep them stable. In addition, you can also find junior cords where are applied at the frame temples (behind the ears), so to keep your child’s sunglasses stable.

The specialized OJO opticians and sales consultants are specially trained in all the above topics, and we are at your disposal to find the most suitable sunglasses together along with your child, so that you both are not only stylish and feel comfortable, but also protected from the sun and harmful radiation.

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