OJO has been awarded once again

Continuing its upward trajectory, the OJO company is awarded for 2023 with the TOP INNOVATIVE STORE DESIGN award from the GREECE FRANCHISE AWARDS 2023. This specific award is about the design and redesign of the OJO stores, in terms of their innovative nature, the use of materials in their construction, the utilization of new technologies and above all their contribution on enhansing customer experience, during and after customer service.

OJO Green Stores 

The OJO stores, since the beginning of their operation 12 years ago, have been involved in implementing environmentally friendly policies, constantly developing them with various methods and materials.

For the painting of their stores they have used ecological - environmentally friendly paints, without chemicals. At the same time, the electronic devices and lighting that have been chosen are energy class A+, which are more environmental friendly, ase they don't consume too much energy. 


OJO Customer Experience

Regarding customer service, OJO has combined various materials and technologies, where they create ideal working conditions for staff but also for consumers, as they offer a superb pleasant experience, throughout their journey in the store. 

Automatic door entrances have been installed in all OJO stores, offering a more welcoming atmosphere to customers, as they don't have to use handles to enter the store. At the same time, by having automatic door entrances means lower energy consumption, as the store remains warm or cold, depending on the season and the desired temperature. Meanwhile, the customer can choose glasses and shop undisturbed, with the assistance of an experienced OJO stylist, as sound proof glasses block any sound pollution from various external factors.

Customer Service... without restrictions

Since the beginning of its operation, OJO has installed large full-body mirrors in its stores, where the customer can easily understand whether an OJO product fits him or not. Along with the "grab product display " without locks and "locked" products, the selection of sunglasses and optics becomes even easier, faster and also "fun", as customers have direct access to the products.

Store appearance

In all OJO stores, specific decoration, materials and colors have been applied, which make the customer feel comfortable and familiar. In particular, walls have been painted white and along with custom-made white tiles 80x80cm, make the store and space look even bigger and spacious. In combination with other materials used in the store, such as wood and acrylic, the customer feels that he is in a welcoming but also modern space

The award ceremony for the FRANCHISE AWARDS 2023 took place on Wednesday 1/2/2023 in Gazarte, under the auspices of Ministry of Development & Investments of Greece, the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hellenic Franchise Association and was presented by the journalist Chrysa Foskolou and the marketing consultant Themis Sarandaena.

OJO promises to keep invest not only to develop and offer quality products but also to keep offering even more superb service and assistance, aiming for the best "experience" of the OJO consumer.

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