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OJO upgrades the Virtual Try on App for sunglasses and optics, showing LIVE – in real time – the products on our face, with AI technology!

OJO is once again a step ahead, offering perhaps the most sophisticated sunglasses and optics Virtual Try on software at the moment, Live 3D Try-On. The ultimate goal is to upgrade the potential customer's experience in a 'real' sunglasses and optical testing environment. At the same time, this new technology offers a 3D image, showing the glasses on your face as you move in any direction. The process is simple as the user just clicks on the 'Live 3D Try-on' button on any OJO product available on the website.

"Live 3D Try-on uses Artificial Intelligence technology where it recognizes the areas of our face quickly and accurately in any environment, extracts and distinguishes the characteristic points of our face, as well as its covered points such as hair and ears, but also it automatically measures the interocular distance (ie the distance between our pupils). At the same time, the system automatically recognizes the distance between the camera and your screen, adjusting the product you selected automatically to your face.

The purpose of the above upgrade by OJO is without a doubt to reduce testing time but also to upgrade the quality of the entire experience of its customers, making them feel even more confident and safe about their online purchases.

So easy and so simple! Just visit the new page and ... start browsing the OJO collection! You can choose one pair with a 40% discount or take advantage of the well-known 1+1 FREE Offer, paying only for one pair of glasses, the one with the highest value.

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