OJO Super Coated Optical Lenses (Anti -Fog optical Lenses

By CharaCh | Apr 14, 2020
OJO Super Coated Optical Lenses (Anti -Fog optical Lenses)

Anything that is water based, especially when sweat enters the lens, is likely to create water droplets, which tend to form a visual distortions.

OJO super-hydrophobic coating greatly helps to discard water droplets from the lens surface.

This is definitely a big advantage on rainy days or for those who exercise and sweat.

OJO super coated lenses are also antistatic which keep dust and dirt particles away from them.

OJO super filters require less cleaning than normal filters as they significantly repel stains and grease from our fingers.

This way, cleaning the lenses is much faster and stress-free.

Nowadays, where we all wear protective respiratory masks, it is very likely that lenses will blur from our fingerprints and cause vision and irritability difficulties.

Because of OJO super coated lenses being also anti-glare (ANTI-FOG) our vision remains clear and distinct at all time.


Characteristics of OJO super coated lenses:


  • Super Hard surface (scratch-resistant coat),  
  • Super Anti-Reflective coat
  • Super Anti-Smudge,  
  • Anti-Static, 
  • Anti-Fog,  
  • Super Hydrophobic (coating that rejects water and dust),  


For more information you can talk to the specialized opticians of our stores.