OJO, known for its innovative ideas and approach and in order to offer more to all of you who have made it one of the leading optical companies in Cyprus and abroad, has developed a new - smart - product, which will surely impress you. This time, OJO has designed the OJO SMART GLASSES, which not only protect your eyes but also promise an unforgettable OJO experience!

These new OJO SMART GLASSES can be connected to any Bluetooth device, to enjoy your music while wearing your glasses or what is more, answer your phone calls or even control other devices. Also, it can be joined with Alexa, Siri or any other voice control.

These new glasses include 2 high quality stereo speakers (DUAL STEREO) as well as a microphone. You can control them easily using their "touch" temple! It can be fully charged in just 10 minutes and you can use them non-stop for 7 hours! 

ON ALL (1600 × 600 px) (1920 × 700 px)

They are made of hypoallergenic high quality plastic (acetate), which makes them extremely durable and comfortable to wear, while at the same time acetate material distinguishes in appearance and texture.

You can also change the color of the lenses, or even turn them into optical glasses, by adding OJO UV420 BLUE BLOCK optical lenses for free, since the OJO offer 1+1 FREE applies there too.

OJO SMART GLASSES are available in all OJO stores in 3 models. As for those who prefer to make their purchases online, OJO SMART GLASSES are available in the OJO online store. Furthermore, you can try them online and see them on your face, through our innovative OJO Virtual Try-on application. 

You can get them for €259, with the OJO offer 1+1 FREE.



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