Night Driving

By stavri | Feb 25, 2019
Night Vision

Even professional drivers have difficulties with night-time driving.  Without the direct UV light from the sun, our eyes adapt to the artificial lowlight after sundown.

When artificial light sources – like vehicle headlights and overhead street lamps – hit our eyes, the impact is similar to the glare we experience before sunset.  Things illuminating this artificial light often have a halo, which is actually what the eyes see as a circle of fuzzy light. Weak artificial lights, and the fact that we can’t see beyond these light sources when it’s dark, compound the dangers of driving at night.

The risks of an evening drive are considerably worse for people, who wear prescription glasses. The typical drawbacks of night driving are worsened by the glare collected by the prescription lenses. It doesn’t matter if they are made of glass or plastic. Spec lenses reflect all kinds of random background light.

Prescription and non-prescription Glasses for Night-Time Driving

The good news is several eyewear selections can lessen lens-induced distractions at night. Below are highlighted the lens treatments recommended for night driving with prescription glasses.


Anti-Reflective Coating

If you dislike wearing colored lenses at night, a good alternative is to get an anti-glare coating you can apply onto your lenses, prescription or non. This unique coating can significantly lessen the glare you see at daylight, and can considerably minimize the night glare that’s zoomed by background darkness. Also, the anti-glare coating keeps your lenses super clear all the time.

Lastly, before the invention of the anti-reflective coating people used to have yellow tinted lenses.

Yellow-Tinted Lenses

Years ago were using yellow-tinted lenses for the night-time driving. Amber tones are fantastic at retaining clear vision even with low-light conditions. They can also protect your vision against sudden flashes of brightness, like the glaring headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

Amber tones enhance contrast and depth awareness so you can broaden your visual view.