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New OJO ECO Sunglasses Line



OJO, after the huge success of the 1st OJO ecological series that joined its range in 2023, today presents the new "OJO ECO-FRIENDLY" series, in various designs and colors that will surely impress. Each pair of OJO sunglasses is meticulously crafted to not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also minimize environmental impact. With sleek new designs and a commitment to sustainability, the new OJO biodegradable glasses represent a stylish choice for eco-conscious consumers and beyond, who want to make a positive impact on the planet.

✔ Made from organic materials, of natural origin without harmful plasticizers.

And this new OJO eco-proposal, is handcrafted from a new innovative material, Bio Acetate S70, derived from renewable sources, offering a greener option without compromising on quality or durability. It is an eco-plastic of natural origin, free of harmful plasticizers known for its excellent strength and durability, derived in a percentage of more than 62% from biological materials.

The use of these biological plastics has direct positive environmental effects, as they reduce the use of non-renewable sources but also plastic pollution as well as carbon dioxide levels, as during their production, BIO-based plastics (Bio Acetate S70), collect carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

✔ Biodegradable up to 90%, but also recyclable!

The general production of plastics had reached 130 million tons every year, something that creates a huge issue since they are difficult to break down completely. This specific sustainable plastic can be broken down biologically up to 90% of its material, making it an alternative high-quality ecological solution for the protection of our planet.

✔ OJO... Ecological and ... more durable!

One of the main advantages of Bio Acetate S70, is that it has an enhanced hardness CA (HECA), which means it is much less breakable than conventional acetate plastic. Thus, this particular material allows us to manufacture more delicate and complex designs of eyeglass frames, which are even more stylish and impressive, but also more durable.

OJO and Environment

OJO, after 13 years of operation and having as its culture the best "friendly" service to the consumer as well as its respect for the environment, has designed a wide range of relevant "green" products such as storage cases for sunglasses and optical frames, cotton tote bags but also reusable bags, paper boxes for transporting products, cleaning cloths but also its great achievement, sunglasses and optics.

So, OJO is not only calling on us to protect your eyes from harmful radiation but also to join in protecting and preserving our planet for generations to come. Choose eco-friendly sunglasses and adopt a sustainable lifestyle today.

Always drawing strength from all of you, OJO promises you even greater investment for a better tomorrow in a brighter, greener future.

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