By admin | May 10, 2018

When you find a pair of sunglasses that look great on you, you may find yourself being overly attached to them. The only problem when having a favourite accessory piece is that wear and tear will occur over time, making it imperative to take proper care of your sunglasses. After investing time and money to find the right style, frame and lenses, it makes sense to maintain your sunglasses for as long as possible. Here are some simple tips to help you hold on to your sunglasses for longer:


Let’s start with the most basic tip: the case. When you are not wearing your sunglasses or you are carrying them in your bag, make sure they are in a hard case. Or at the very least, place them on their frames and never face down onto a surface as this will protect your sunglasses from smudges and scratches.


Forget everything you were doing so far: wiping lenses when dry, using paper towels, your shirt or other rough materials and using your breath as cleaning product. Instead, follow the steps below:
1. You should rinse them under the tap with warm water and allow lenses to dry. You may be tempted to dry your sunglasses with a tissue, but is better to let air dry.
2. If you want a quicker solution, you could use a soft lint free cloth. If you are on the go and don’t have any water around, the best choice would be to use the microfibre cloth that comes with your sunglasses. It is there for a reason - its purpose is to absorb and remove dust, smudges and fingerprints.
3. Spray glass cleaners and lens cleaning wipes are also an option. They can be purchased at your local drugstore and can be helpful when you are travelling or you don’t have access to a tap.


1. Don’t leave your sunglasses exposed to extreme temperatures, i.e. avoid leaving them under the car dashboard or under the sun for a long time.
2. Be extra careful when cleaning prescription sunglasses, as their lenses can be even more delicate.
3. Use both hands to gently put on and off your sunglasses and make sure that you don’t stretch or bend the temples.
4. Try to avoid pushing your sunglasses on top of your head, because the temples will be stretched.

So now that you know how to care for your sunglasses properly, do you promise to do your best to protect them and keep them in the condition that were initially bought? Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for scratches so follow the above tip to keep your sunglasses clean and without scratches for longer. Handle your sunglasses with care!