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"Innovation is our compass, quality is our benchmark, and communication is our bridge." This award is a shared achievement along with you.

Continuing its successful story, the OJO company is awarded for 2024 with the "EXCELLENT BRAND AWARD" from the FRANCHISE AWARDS 2024 Greece. The Award is about innovation, quality of products and services, communication with the consumer, popularity and competitive position of the company in the Greek market, proving once again that "luxury can be affordable".

Technological innovations in products:

Already from the first years of its operation, OJO has managed to stand out in a highly competitive but also controlled environment. Now, thanks to its huge successful development and after 13 years of experience, it is able not only to offer products that follow the latest fashion trends, but also to offer extremely unique quality combined with leading modern technologies that until now, or larger share of consumers, it was difficult to obtain because of oligopoly and high prices.

In addition to the already innovative high-tech products already offered by the company for years, such as "Carbon Fiber" eyeglass frames, "Acetate" frames combined with a hand-made production process, "TR-90" frames and biodegradable frames from "Bio-acetate". OJO in 2023 investing in even more developed technologies offers additional products such as "OJO Smart Glasses" with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, "Screw-less" sunglasses and optics without screws, as well as the new "Reversed Angle OJO Sunglasses", with... reversed lenses, breaking the conventions of the classic convex lenses that we have known until now!

It is worth noting that since 2019, OJO has been offering optical lenses of distinct technology and high quality construction at affordable prices. Some of them are the "OJO Blue Block lenses", which unlike most lenses on the market, have a UV420nm lenses filter built into their material, blocking digital radiation. At the same time, all OJO optical lenses without exception have all coatings and are anti-etch, anti-reflective, anti-static, and hydrophobic, offering a unique visual experience to their users.

OJO SUNGLASSES AWARD 2024 - excellent brand award

Excellent Brand Award 2024

Excellent Brand Award 2024 from Franchise Business Awards

Technological innovations in services:

OJO places great emphasis on offering not only quality products to its customers, but also high quality services. OJO was one of the first companies to implement cloud technology for the operation of its various software as well as the automation of processes between the company and its customers. Using today's multi-channel communication, OJO is able to know immediately when its customer needs its service and in which object or product. All of this is intended so that it behaves and responds to each of its customers individually and particularly, creating a reliable partnership over time... Always giving value to its purchases.

At the same time, OJO, realizing the changes of the digital world, has further developed its online store, applying even more modern and innovative technologies such as the integration of AI technology in Live Try-On testing and application of sunglasses or optical frames without any pre-measurement or adjustment … simply by using your computer or phone camera.

OJO Excellent Brand Award 2024 by Franchise Business

Customer experience and service without limitations:

OJO, always applying a customer-centric strategy and ideology, always emphasizes the customer and his service by combining and constantly developing specialized methods and conditions, making his entire stay in the store, a "journey of experience and enjoyment". Some of them are the large and automatic entrances of its stores, where they maintain the ideal temperature and environment in it, allowing the customer to be able to choose glasses undisturbed with the help of experienced OJO stylists, without sound pollution from various external factors using soundproof glass.

Large full-length mirrors are installed inside OJO stores, where the customer can easily perceive whether a product fits him or not by looking at his entire body type. In combination with the "grab display" with white LED light that does not alter the image and the lock-free showcases, the selection of sunglasses and optics becomes even easier, faster and also "fun", having direct access to the products.

In all OJO stores, specific decoration has been applied, with materials and colors that make the customer feel comfortable and familiar. In particular, white paint has been applied to the walls and special white tiles on the floor of special construction 80x80cm, making the space look bigger and more spacious. In combination with other materials present in the store such as wood and acrylic, the customer feels that he is in a welcoming but also innovative space.


OJO award from the FRANCHISE AWARDS 2024

The award ceremony for the FRANCHISE AWARDS 2024 took place on Wednesday 24/01/2024 at Gazarte, under the auspices of YPANE (Ministry of Development & Investments), ESEE (Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship), EBEA (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and ΕΣΤΕ (Hellenic Franchise Association.

To date, OJO has been awarded in addition to the above award, as "Best New Product Launch 2022", "Best Value for Money Product 2021", "Customer Oriented Franchise 2020", "Most Promising Franchise 2019", "In Business Award 2015” and “Is not about ideas… Is about making Ideas Happen 2014” by the European organization Watify Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship, both in Cyprus and Greece.

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