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Another OJO Innovation – OJO sunglasses without screws!

OJO, once again, is one step ahead and is presenting a new OJO sunglasses series... without screws! This new - screw-less - technology, is a fantastic choice for those looking for comfortable and durable glasses combined with an elegant and modern design.

These new OJO screw-less frames feature a unique hinge system that allows their arms to rotate smoothly when opening and closing, making them incredibly easy to fit, hugging your face, ensuring a great fit and feel. At the same time, they have great elasticity, which allows them to maintain their shape and position, always returning to their original form.

OJO, along with offering high-quality products, is also known for choosing the most suitable materials in the design of its OJO glasses. So, in this particular case, OJO has chosen to use steel, one of the most durable and "smart" metals in the world, which has unique properties and characteristics!

Extremely light and flexible

Steel is an extremely light and flexible metal, which makes optical frames made from it extremely comfortable to wear. At the same time, they offer even more flexibility compared to traditional frames, which are often limited to 90 degrees opening. Thus, you can do even more while wearing your glasses.

Stainless steel... with a long life!

As this particular metal does not oxidize, it makes it an excellent choice with great durability and product life. Combined with the absence of screws, they make it ideal for people with intense lifestyles and activities.

With their elegant and modern design, these new OJO glasses are ideal both for both formal looks and for your daily activities.

You can find them in all OJO stores, with the well-known OJO offer 1+1 FREE or buy them online from the OJO online store, trying them digitally on your face, through the OJO Virtual Try-on app!


Original price was: €129,00.Current price is: €77,40.

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