By admin | Jan 04, 2018

Polarised lenses do what other lenses do not do – block blinding glare, and thus have more advantages. Glare is something that we all experience quite often in our daily lives, whether that is driving a car with the sun reflecting off the dashboard, cycling, fishing or sunbathing at a white sand beach. Glare is not only annoying, but often very dangerous and that’s because sunlight usually scatters in many directions, but when is reflected from horizontal surfaces like a car’s dashboard, pavement, water or snow, it can reduce visibility, make it uncomfortable for the eyes, cause headaches and accidents.


Polarised lenses have a built-in filter that blocks the horizontal rays that would normally enter your eyes after reflecting off of surfaces and permit only vertical light rays to pass through.


1. Glare reduction
Polarised lenses fight off the sun’s glare coming at you while outside or while you enjoy your favourite sport. With polarised lenses, you just found your life-saver sunglasses. You will no longer experience that intense light that prevents you from seeing anything else at that moment, but rather enjoy the crystal-clear vision and complete protection against the harmful glare.
2. Better vision
With polarised lenses, you should expect improved contrast vision and better colour perception even with strong surface reflections. Colours appear more vibrant and environments look move vivid, so it is sure to be pleasantly surprised by the increased visual clarity and comfort of polarised sunglasses.
3. Eyestrain reduction
Irritated eyes, difficulty focusing, dry or watery eyes, headaches… do any of these symptoms ring a bell? All these common side effects of glare, can be relieved by wearing polarised sunglasses. It is a simple as that - polarised lenses allow eyes to relax, feel more comfortable and such nasty symptoms to become a thing of the past.
4. Enjoyment in sports
Whether you are cycling, fishing, rowing, sailing or skiing, choosing the right protective sunglasses is vital for the full enjoyment and safety of your sport. If you are involved with such outdoor activities, polarised lenses are a must and are as important as the right equipment and accessories.

If you want to see the difference polarisation makes in person, simply visit one of our shops on a sunny day and hold out two pairs of sunglasses to compare their lenses and the clarity they provide. With our wide selection of polarised sunglasses, you certainly do not compromise style for the health benefits. A visit to one of our shops or website will convince you that OJO sunglasses consider both style and function when designing sunglasses. Eye care health is always a top priority for us, so rest assured that you will leave with sunglasses that enhance both your vision and lifestyle!